A story of my teeth. CW: Blood, graphic descriptions

made for: https://itch.io/jam/tooth-bitsy

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I've also had tooth hell and I'm missing a lot of teeth due to childhood neglect and bad genetics. My old dentist was not a good one but not half as awful as the ones you had to deal with. So your story is very touching to me. Thank you for sharing it.

Bad teeth unite! <3

This was great.

Glad to hear you have things under control now, really does sound like you went through Tooth Hell.  It was cool that you used sweet food items in that tooth hallway to tell the story. All of it fit together really nicely. 

this really is tooth hell. it was so gross but i couldn't stop reading and I'm so glad you're better! the lil pac man ui was neat :^)

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i only got three items in before i started feeling the situation you described happening in my adult mouth! so i had to stop. very cool visuals and i'm sure it would be an interesting story if i finished it!!


I updated my CW!!!